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eCOGRA is a name that you’ll come across often if you play at licensed and legitimate online casinos. Established in the UK in 2003, the acronym eCOGRA stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This entity is an international regulatory body that focuses on fair and safe gaming, player protection and operators acting in a responsible manner. It’s a regulatory body that puts the player first, and keeps the industry giants in check https://brilliantonlinecasino.com/ . Two Important Divisions eCOGRA is made up of 2 important divisions, the ATA, or Approved Testing Agency Services and SRS, or Self-regulation Services. These 2 divisions are the industry watchdogs that ensure players always get a fair deal, and that the online establishment they have chosen is acting in an unbiased manner. Approved Testing Agency Services The ATA division specialises in the certification of online gambling software and systems. Over the years, this division has completed over 500 compliance reviews for 80 leading operators and software providers for online pokies and other games in the online gambling industry. Some of the biggest brands have had their products scrutinised by the ATA and have stood up to this scrutiny remarkably well.